IDH Forum on Driving Business Solutions for Sustainable Landscapes

A large majority of tropical deforestation is caused by agriculture (driven by global commodities such as soy, palm oil, beef and wood products), as well as other land use changes (e.g. mining, infrastructure development). Addressing this challenge requires government, industry and civil society to work together and transform finance and business models to ensure that the production of agro-commodities contributes to the protection of forests and other natural resources as well as the inclusion of smallholders and communities in the economy.

IDH is working precisely on these topics through its Landscapes Program. In 11 landscapes where commercially driven commodity production is linked to natural resource depletion, IDH builds public and private stakeholder coalitions to develop and implement joint solutions.

About the forum

The forum will specifically focus on innovations and good practices to optimize commodity production, while conserving forests, and ensuring social inclusion– so called “Production, Protection and Inclusion” (PPI) arrangements. These arrangements are being developed through multi- stakeholder coalitions that combine the sustainable sourcing commitments and implementing capacity of companies, the jurisdictional power of governments, and the knowledge and networks of civil society organizations.

This forum aims to drive and scale up implementation of new solutions in landscapes. It will bring together the partners from the IDH Landscapes Program and experts from government, business, and civil society to share their experience, inspire others, learn and co-design innovative solutions to PPI agreements. It will cover topics such as:
  • How can the public and private sector best collaborate on designing and implementing landscape level forest protection and restoration plans?
  • How can Green Growth plans support the development of a long term vision and strategy for the landscape?
  • The carrot and stick: what are effective mechanisms to protect forests?
  • How can business contribute to forest protection, on and around concessions, or through their supply chains?
  • What sort of finance mechanisms can support PPI arrangements?
Please note that participation in the forum is upon invitation only.